One of the best ways of gaining more expertise is to learn from other organisations’ experiences – good or bad.

This section contains a range of case studies on the food supply chain and on things related to entrepreneurship in the food industry.

Ronan Byrne aka ‘The Friendly Farmer

Ronan set up his sustainable farm to produce free-range meat and especially poultry on the family’s 35-acre farm outside Athenry, East Galway where he grew up, and which once belonged to his grandparents. He set up this farm as a response to a growing need for high quality food.  Ronan says that he manages the land using traditional methods that have been handed down by the generations.  “All the time ensuring that our finished product gives our customer the best taste experience possible.”

Alongside running his own sustainable farm, Ronan writes a blog to keep customers and fans updated on everything that happens with ‘The Friendly Farmer’.

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Aran Islands Goat’s Cheese

Gabriel Faharty’s beautiful Nubian and Saanen goats graze on the unique pastures of the Aran Island. The climate is perfect for the grass herbs as the island is served by the Gulf Stream. The unique diet of the goats gives the cheese its unique, delicious flavour. The dairy is equipped with a 1,000 litre vat, press and moulds. The herd of 93 adult goats and 70 kids produces approx 1000ltrs of milk a week.

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Dough Bros – pizza business from a trailer

The Dough Bros is a mobile, wood-fired pizza business which serves authentic Neapolitan pizzas on the streets and at local and national events from a trailer. Using unique, hand-made dough, homemade sauce, and fresh, locally-sourced ingredients, the Dough Bros – Eugene, Ronan and Laurence – prepare, cook and sell high-quality pizzas at competitive, affordable prices.

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Sir Kensington’s – condiments with character

Sir Kensington’s is an American food company with headquarters in New York City. It was founded by Mark Ramadan and Scott Norton in 2010. The company produces Non-GMO Project Verified condiments including ketchup, mustard, mayonnaise and “Fabanaise”, a vegan mayo.

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Fuse – smart farming technology

Fuse is the leading global open platform for digital farming products operated by AGCO Corp. Fuse ensures that its products are not only compatible with mixed fleets but also across the entire farm operation. This means Fuse gives farmers freedom and flexibility in their choices of machinery, farm management and agronomy software as well as service providers – to establish their individually perfect digital ecosystem.

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Country Munch – healthy food for all occasions

Country Munch is a Limerick based food delivery service, delivering home-cooked, nutritious meals to the customers doorstep. They also sell their products in the canteen of Mary Immaculate College in Limerick. This gives students a healthy option for lunch. The company plans to expand beyond Limerick.

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Sheridans Cheesemongers as a source of highest quality artisan food

Sheridan’s Cheesemongers is run by its’ owners – Kevin Sheridan, Seamus Sheridan and Fiona Corbett. The company was founded in 1995, when brothers Seamus and Kevin started selling Irish farmhouse cheeses at the Galway market. The Irish cheeses were quickly joined by their European cousins as well as a huge range of other artisan foods including olive oils, cured meats, condiments and pasta sourced during travels in Europe.

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Broughgammon – forward thinking farming

Broughgammon Farm is obsessed with providing the best quality, tastiest produce fresh from their small farm in Co. Antrim, Northern Ireland.

The farm has its own artisan on-site butchery, run seasonal cookery, butchery and wild game classes and have a little farm shop selling the best of Northern Irish and Irish produce. They also deliver meat boxes all over Ireland and the UK.

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EPIC Pickles – the gourmet you want, and the taste you can’t live without

Epic is built on the passion for fabulous food for individuals with a similar drive for great things. It started with an article about a “pickle guy” and an artisan movement in food, and ends with a love for cooking and the joy of seeing people loving your wares.

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Business Case Studies of Innovation and the Use of Technology in the Food and Drink Industry

This is an excellent repository of a wide range of case studies in the food and drink industry, but the focus is on larger organisations. Still helpful.
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Book Food Supply Chain Management and Logistics – From Farm to Fork

This book [Dani, S. (2015) Food Supply Chain Management and Logistics – From Farm to Fork. Kogan Page.covers a good range of issues related to food supply chains, e.g. food production, food manufacturing, food retailing, food logistics, challenges in international food supply chains, risk management, technology trends, food regulation and innovation, sustainability, and more. It also contains a range of mini case studies. The table of contents can be freely accessed.
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Dala Foods Nigeria Limited: Effective Product Development and Management in Nigeria

This explains how proactive product development and niche marketing strategies have led to the successful launch of five instant food drinks in Nigeria.
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What These 4 Startup Case Studies Can Teach you About Failure

One of these case studies is from the food industry (Webvan). It is an old case but still used by business schools to warn against excess and ambition in startups.
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Specialty Food Resource

This website has some mini case studies on speciality food and also offers the opportunity to access the Food Entrepreneur magazine.
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Three Tarts Increased Facebook Followers Using Visual Content and Good Greens Bars Local Blogger Relationship Development

Two mini case studies are available here:

Three Tarts using QR codes, Facebook in conjunction with sneakpeeg, Twitter, FourSquare and Yelp for increasing awareness of their marshmallows.

Good Greens Bars successfully approached bloggers in the Cleveland area and got them to blog about their protein bars – with the success of a raise in sales of over 50%.
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Business Case Studies – excellent repository

This provides case studies on how large food and drinks companies push innovation and embrace new technologies.
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Using sensor technology reduces unnecessary food waste

A case study highlighting how sensor technology reduces food waste and thus can create cost efficiencies for companies.
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EIP-AGRI Focus Group: Innovative Short Food Supply Chain Management. Final Report 2015

The report focuses on setting up and getting support for collaborative activities in which more than one farmer, food producer, organisation or individual agree to work together to develop short food chains for mutual benefit.
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Short Food Supply Chains in Europe’s South

Euractiv published a series of articles on short food supply chains (SFSCs) in Europe’s south and their role in enhancing agrotourism and providing consumers with healthy and fresh food products.
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Discover Delicious is selling Welsh food online

Small food producers are connected to new markets and helped to promote and sell their goods. The team at Discover Delicious can also be contacted for trading opportunities.
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Fordhall Farm: thousands club together to save farm for new sustainable future

The 140-acre Fordhall Farm is owned by 8,000 community members across the world and is being run by a team of twenty people and more than 100 volunteers. There is also an organic food café on the farm as well as a meeting room and activities for visitors.
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