Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the CEF project about?

‘Creating Entrepreneurs in Food’ project aims to boost innovation and entrepreneurship in rural communities across Europe. The project is led by the project coordinator Galway-Mayo Institute of Technology, Ireland working in partnership with the University of Bedfordshire in the UK, CEJA in Belgium and the Polish Beef Association, Poland. The CEF project focuses on the EU VET priority ‘Promoting work-based learning in all its forms, with special attention to apprenticeship-type training’.

Why is the CEF project important?

The project will examine short food supply chains in Europe and aims to identify innovative methods that may overcome the current challenges food producers face. The main outputs of the project will include a training course for food producers developed by industry and academic leaders aimed at providing producers with the transversal skillsets that will empower them to gain control of their business, promote innovation, create employment and move up the value chain.

What are the aims of the project?

One of the main objectives of this project is to develop a Level 4 (EQF) course curriculum that will encourage learners to cultivate their own food product/business thus stimulating new entrepreneurs. Innovative food product ideas will be nurtured and advanced in a work-based learning environment including industry days out and short apprenticeship training.

What is the aim of the portal?

The web portal is an all-in-one online support tool for food entrepreneurs. It serves several goals:

  • To act as a knowledge repository for food entrepreneurs to access information, forums, social media communities, knowledge bases, and training materials
  • To host an interactive space where budding food entrepreneurs from the short food chain supply can connect and support each other
  • To accelerate and support the creation and growth of food entrepreneurs
  • To help to promote the transition from education to self-employment and stimulate innovation and entrepreneurship
  • To provide a platform for interactive discussion that will also disseminate relevant information and documentation

Who is CEF for? / Who does it help?

This project is targeted at those involved in the short food chain supply where entrepreneurial training has not typically been prioritised. The target group will be equipped with a knowledge and work-based skills required to foster and develop their food ideas into successful businesses, encouraging graduates to consider food entrepreneurship as a viable alternative to employment.

What countries are involved in a project?

The partners participating in this project bring a considerable wealth of expertise in the delivery of vocational work-based training programmes, the development of web based learning resources and access to the target group (those in the short food supply chain) for the dissemination of information and project outcomes.

The consortium consists of four partners:

  1.  Galway-Mayo Institute of Technology (GMIT, Ireland) is a Lead Partner. It is a higher education institute in Ireland known for developing life-long learning opportunities through teaching and research, by supporting regional development consistent with national higher education policy.
  2.  The University of Bedfordshire Business School (UoB, UK) has a considerable experience and knowledge in supporting local and regional SMEs through various funded projects. It provides training and education in the area of sustainable supply management and supply chain operations and logistics.
  3. The European Council of Young Farmers (CEJA, Belgium) – European not-for-profit non-governmental organisation dedicated to the field of youth and activities that support the implementation of the fields of action of the EU Youth Strategy. It acts as a forum for communication and dialogue between young farmers and European decision makers.
  4. The Polish Beef Association (PBA, Poland) has an expertise in liaising with the 1.4 million farmers in Poland. It delivers training programmes to those involved in the short food supply chain industry.

You can read more about each partner on their official websites:

How can I participate in training activities and other events?

Please check the Events web-page regularly for any upcoming training activities. Events will also be advertised on our Facebook page.

How to I become part of the online community?

There is a Facebook group which helps connect like minded entrepreneurs and people in the industry. There is also a twitter and Instagram page where you can keep up to date to news in the industry.




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